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U-BOAT Wrist Watches: A New Dimension in Time


Every U-BOAT wrist watch is unique because behind every U-BOAT creation there is a story of inspiration and style. All U-BOAT watches have a distinctive feature which makes them stand out from the crowd. That special feature is the large crown on the left side of the case. Another defining feature is: many of the watches are resistant to the most extreme climatic conditions because of their demanding technical specifications. These watches are elegant and they can be read at a glance. There's no clutter just pure simple design.

Italo Fontana personally designed each watch and in so doing he has imbued each piece with a recognizable personality that is apparent from a distance. The link between Italo and his product is unmistakable and evident as his name is added to the trademark.

U-BOAT Black Swan Wristwatch

Each handcrafted watch is exclusive and is the result of painstaking, sophisticated manufacturing. "The watches have a prominent appearance that conveys a sense of discerning taste, confidence and power in perfect harmony with the brand."

The outstanding features common to all, made in Italy, U-BOAT watch collection is the superior quality, fine materials and second-to-none craftsmanship. All of the watches boast Swiss movements and are assembled at the brand's headquarters in Lucca, Italy, the homeland of Italo and U-BOAT.

Italo is interested in and enjoys working with all materials and techniques. He loves trying different things and is not influenced by market trends. He is constantly innovating and translating new ideas and inventions "into systems and mechanisms" therefore, he is consistently creating value for the customers.

U-BOAT Classico Watch Collection

Origin of U-BOAT:

In 1942, Ivo Fontana crafter of precisioin engineering instruments received a prestigious commission from the Italian Navy to design and build a model of watch for the Navy pilots. These special watches had to satisfy the extremely high standards of the Navy, for quality while respecting very precise technical specifications. Furthermore, they had to guarantee maximum readability and reliability in any light and weather conditions. But due to circumstances at the time, the project was shelved.

Jump forward to 2000, Italo Fontana (Ivo's grandson) found Ivo's important designs and they became the source of inspiration for the first U-BOAT watch and Italo's motto: "A New Dimension in Time". He worked diligently, for seven years, creating watches with an entirely new look. The ideas for these inspired watches have their origins in Ivo's handcrafted pieces "characterized by their strong personality and readability in all weather conditions and boasting uniquely bold and distinctive design" features.

U-BOAT Chimera Watch Collection

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