Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Limited Edition Paper by Thomas Kinkade Studios

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Product Overview

Hogwarts Castle, the iconic school of witchcraft and wizardry from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series is where magic and education intertwine. Nestled in the Scottish Highlands, it stands as a testament to the imaginative world that has captivated readers and viewers alike. With its moving staircases, hidden passages, and enchanting rooms, Hogwarts is not just a school, but a character in its own right, shaping the destinies of the young wizards and witches within its walls. Thomas Kinkade Studios captures the wonder of Hogwarts in their Standard Numbered limited edition paper, inviting fans to revisit the magic time and again.

WIZARDING WORLD characters, names, and related indicia are © & ™ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Publishing Rights © JKR. (s24)

Key Points:

  • Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™ Castle is the third fine art collaboration between Warner Bros. and Thomas Kinkade Studios to capture the Wizarding World of Harry Potter™. Harry Potter™ Hogwarts Express™ and Harry Potter™ Diagon Alley™ were the first two pieces in this collection
  • Hogwarts™ Castle is the main building of the Hogwarts™ School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It was built with the magic of the legendary wizards Godric Gryffindor™, Helga Hufflepuff™, Rowena Ravenclaw™ and Salazar Slytherin™
  • The Hogwarts™ boats carry the first-year students across the Black Lake from Hogsmeade Station™ to Hogwarts™ Castle.
  • Owls are seen flying towards the Castle, bridging the magical and Muggle worlds, carrying messages and packages to the wizards inside

Limited Edition Paper

Thomas Kinkade Studios is renowned for producing Limited Edition Paper Prints that are highly sought after for their meticulous attention to detail and color fidelity. These prints are crafted on premium heavyweight archival paper, ensuring longevity and vibrancy of colors. Collectors value these prints not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their exclusivity, as each print is individually numbered and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, enhancing their collectible status.

Framing Features

  • Premium Museum Quality Mouldings
  • Shatter Resistant Plexiglas
  • Heavy Craft Paper Finished Back
  • Coated Wire Hanger


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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