Marvel Thor Limited Edition Paper by Thomas Kinkade Studios

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Product Overview

The Thomas Kinkade Studios Limited Edition Paper Prints are both a feast for the eyes and an investment in fine art. The heavyweight archival papers and fade-resistant inks ensure that each print remains as vibrant and detailed as the day it was created. Collectors and admirers of Kinkade's work can take pride in the individual numbering and the Certificate of Authenticity accompanying each print, guaranteeing its authenticity and value.

Paper Framing

The meticulous process of framing the Thomas Kinkade Studios Limited Edition Paper is a testament to the value placed on preserving every print. Utilizing shatter-resistant Plexiglas and a rigid foam core backing ensures that the artwork remains untouched by adhesives, maintaining its pristine condition. The final touches of heavy craft paper backing and a coated wire hanger not only enhance the visual appeal but also provide a durable safeguard, ensuring that the finished art can be enjoyed for many years.

About the Image

In the realm of fiction, a scenario where the mighty Thor descends to Earth to battle the formidable Destroyer is a spectacle that would certainly draw the attention of citizens. In such a narrative, people might find themselves torn between the awe of witnessing a superhero in action and the instinct for self-preservation. The story could unfold with the crowd marveling at Thor's prowess, confident in his victory, while also seeking safety, illustrating the duality of human nature when faced with extraordinary events.

Framing Features

  • premium museum quality mouldings
  • shatter resistant plexiglas
  • heavy craft paper finished back
  • coated wire hanger


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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